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» Territet - Glion Upgrade The railway underwent extensive renovation in 1973. The water ballast drive was replaced with a fully automatic drive system. The GANGLOFF cars also date back to this year. The GoldenPass Group i...

» Niesenbahn Upgrade GANGLOFF cars have been in service since 1949. In anticipation of the 100 year anniversary in 2010, GANGLOFF is upgrading all four cars and remodeling a compartment to make it wheelchair accessible.

» Collision damages to the RBS tram 2000 In 2008, a "Tram 2000" tram and a farm vehicle collided at a grade crossing of the Bern-Worb RBS line. RBS did not have the capacity to repair the badly damaged car body itself and thus turned to G...

» Lugano - San Salvatore Upgrade Work on the cable railway on 912 meter high Monte San Salvatore began around 1890. From the observation deck, the visitor has an incomparable view overlooking Lake Lugano, the Lombardy Plains, and ...