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GANGLOFF Cabins is the world’s leading manufacturer of cars with self-supporting bodies for funicular railways. From the world’s highest altitude underground cable railway in Saas-Fee to the Hong Kong Peak Tram, which carries 5 million passengers a year, GANGLOFF Cabins has manufactured hundreds of custom-made cars for these and other cable car systems. Thanks to a steady stream of large orders in this specialty field, we are able to maintain a state-of-the art level of technology through continuous development.


Our car designs are based on an ingenious modular system that enables us to address customer needs and the unique aspects of each railway, and still offer economical prices and good delivery terms. Not only is each car of premium GANGLOFF quality, but it is also an attractive and distinctive calling card for the respective railway.


Our technicians use state-of-the art technology to design the vehicles. Although many components come from a modular system, nearly all technical drawings for each project are new. With cable railways in particular, the vehicle dimensions vary from project to project: length, width, height, compartment design, and the pitch of the cars are never the same.
Along with the drawings, the documentation also includes the calculations (finite element models), test reports and checklists from suppliers and from our own factories, and all records needed for certification according to the most current EN standards.


The vehicle body shells are manufactured from aluminium and steel in our own shop. We employ the various materials where they can be used as efficiently as possible based on their properties. Depending on the individual use case, the various components are riveted, bolted, welded, or cemented together.


Painting is of great importance for a good visual impression. In our painting cabinets, we are able to give even the largest cable railway cars a professional paint job. We work together with the customer to come up with a design on which the colour selection is then based. During the course of these consultations, we also decide which graphics shall be painted on and which shall be applied as decals at the end.


During final assembly the car is equipped with the following:
- glass
- doors and door drives
- electrical systems
- interior panelling
- seats, handrails
- chassis, cable attachments
- passenger information systems
- Fire alarms
All systems are professionally tested prior to delivery.


Before a finished car leaves our factories, it is subjected to an exhaustive battery of tests. The customer is present during the final acceptance tests. After last-minute final assembly tasks, the cars can then be loaded and shipped. Depending on the circumstances, the cars are transported by truck, ship, train, or even by air.

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