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GANGLOFF Cabins is the leading manufacturer of large-volume cabins of all kinds, ranging from tricable gondolas and comfortable intercantonal railroad cars to the panoramic cabins of modern large-cabin aerial tramways. The customer-oriented solutions of GANGLOFF Cabins will inspire you and bring you much pleasure, comfort, and prestige.
Thanks to ongoing developments in construction, ageless designs, and years of experience with vehicles of this nature, our cabins are unlike any others.


State-of-the art tools and experienced designers will help you find the right design for your cable lift cabin. At GANGLOFF Cabins, you get a custom-made cabin that will completely and uncompromisingly fulfill your requirements. Innovative design, ultra-modern and ultra-light materials from the aircraft industry, sturdy interior construction with diverse options, and the most up-to-date knowledge in the ergonometry, vehicle comfort, and vehicle technology fields make GANGLOFF cabins the undisputed signboard for your tourist region.


Our engineers use the very best construction, design, and computing tools to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your product. We place great emphasis on close collaboration with the final customer at this stage, in order to find the best solution for your needs. The 3D modeling of the cabin provides the basis for a successful design and almost lets you "touch" the cabin before the first aluminum beam is ever cut. Thanks to ultra-modern computer software applications, we achieve optimum safety for your passengers in keeping with the newest strict regulations for cable cars in the EU.


The body shell is almost entirely hand-made in our shop and demands the expert assembly know how of our valued and experienced staff. The Space Frame design consists mainly of aluminum profile sections that are riveted and welded together. These extrusion press profile sections were developed especially by Gangloff and meet the standards for aircraft and railroad vehicle construction.


In order to give the cabin a contemporary look for your postcards, it gets a high quality custom paint job by our skilled staff in our own paint cabinets. Just tell us how you’d like your cabin, your wish is our command! Our designers will gladly help you bring your own ideas to life.


- glass
- doors and door drive mechanisms
- electrical equipment
- interior paneling and flooring
- seats, handrails
- passenger information systems
All of the above is installed during final assembly. The professionals of the GANGLOFF team take every effort to ensure that the cabin leaves the passenger with a highly favorable impression.


In the scope of diverse final approvals, our engineers subject the cabin to an exhaustive battery of tests and inspections. As the final customer, you too will be included in the factory approval process in order that we may fulfill any last-minute requests before the cabin leaves our plant and assumes its new place in the world.

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