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With headquarters in Bern since 1928, GANGLOFF is a typical family business. The first cable railway car body was manufactured in Bern back in 1929. In the 50s and 60s, GANGLOFF specialized in building bodies for luxury overland buses and motor coaches.

With » Gangloff Carrosserie, » Gangloff Trailers and » Gangloff Cabins today the company stands on 3 strong pillars that are continuously undergoing development. With the rebirth of cable railways in the 70s, Gangloff became active on the international scene. This led to the development of other products such as large cabins for gondola lifts, Space Cabs, and the open-air or cabriolet gondola lifts that are so popular in the USA. Nowadays you can board a Gangloff cabin anywhere in the world. Thanks to the recent expansion of activity in the personal and commercial vehicle sector, the company is still a strong local and regional partner as well.

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